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Why We Work FOr you!

Your brand is an important investment. Your logo is the face of your company and is what identifies you in your space. Our team of graphic designers help to create a brand that is professional, recognizable, and authentic to you.


Your logo needs to adapt to the space it is being placed in. The logo you would use on a billboard is different from the one used as social media profile pictures.

Print Friendly

When we go into designing your logo, we take into consideration all the forms of printing you may encounter when using your logo. From single-color screen printing to full color signage, your logo will work no matter what with our logo designer services

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Starter Kit

We created a great logo! Now what? At TwoTwo we take the extra step to provide you with additional brand assets to get you started. Social media graphics, business cards, stationary and apparel design. 

Responsive logos

Responsive design isn’t just for websites. Have you seen a business try to squeeze their full version logo into a social media profile picture and it was impossible to read? Responsive logos tackle one of the biggest NJ logo designer problems: to retain clarity at all sizes. Keep your brand experience high across print, web and digital media on all screen sizes.



What you get

• Primary Logo
• Responsive forms of your logo to fit your needs
• Custom Color Palette 
• 2-3 fonts custom selected for your brand
• Business Card Design
• Basic Brand Guidelines


• Your logo, in all responsive forms and colors, in PNG, PDF, & EPS
• 250 Premium Spot Raised UV Suede Business Cards
• Free Set Up of all additional business cards needed
• Social Media Profile Pictures & Banner/Cover Photo
• Stationary & Apparel Design


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Hala Al-Shawaf Barson
"John Lorenzo and his team at TwoTwo Creative are second-to-none. We started working together at the end of 2019/beginning of 2020 on our branding concepts, digital, and print marketing needs. John and the TwoTwo team have been with us every step of the way, and they make projects easy and fun. I highly recommend TwoTwo Creative to anyone who is looking for a true partner for their business, side hustle, or personal branding and marketing needs."

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