Why Should Companies Be Giving Back?


Giving back has numerous great benefits as it is good for the soul and the community, but it is also great for businesses. Why should companies be giving back? Well, companies have the power to reach different audiences, it enhances their culture, increases marketing and can drive sales!

Reach Different Audiences

With a giving back campaign, the campaign is about shining light on another company. The people associated with that company will see your campaign and potentially want to do business with your company since they see the two companies are associated with each other.

Enhanced Company Culture

Giving back is a great feeling and will make your company staff feel good about the company they are a part of. If your company promotes a culture that cares deeply for others then that will reflect on how the staff feels about the company itself.

Increased Marketing

Not only is your company marketing the giving back campaign, but the organization on the receiving end will market for it as well! They want your campaign to go well so they will be pushing the marketing for it to their resources. This helps both businesses!

Drive Sales

How can giving back drive sales? Sometimes people will purchase from your company just because they see that you’re doing something good and they want to be a part of that good.

TwoTwo Creative is currently giving back to a local organization:

Mainstage Center of the Arts!

Mainstage is a great community and the TwoTwo Team wants to keep seeing them do great things. Mainstage's mission is to provides a creative, vibrant, and nurturing environment for youth and adults. Mainstage brings fun, interactive activities for its South Jersey community.⁠⠀


For every Paid In Full Order until August 15, 2019 TwoTwo will be donating $5 to Mainstage Center for the Arts! Help us be able to help them and order with us today!