Direct Mail vs. Every Door Direct Mail

What’s the Difference between Direct Mail and Every Door Direct Mail?

Before we get into what the difference between Direct Mail and Every Door Direct Mail is, let’s ask ourselves why sending mail is an effective form of marketing. Well, there’s less “junk mail” being sent out nowadays since companies are sending all their “junk” to customer’s junk email folders (Which, let’s be real, nobody looks at). This is a good thing because there’s more of a chance they’ll see your direct mailer with their personal mail. It’s always a great idea to get your company’s name physically in the hands of potential customers to form brand awareness! Now, when they see your company, it’ll look familiar to them and they’ll be more trusting to go with you for their needs.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail requires a purchased mailing list and is targeted to specific individuals who you believe are your potential customers. If you’re 100% sure of what demographics your company is looking for, then this is a good method of marketing. If you’re not sure or believe your target market is too wide, we recommend Every Door Direct Mail.

Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail, EDDM for short, is summed up in its name. It’s Direct Mail that is going to every door in a targeted location. This is the perfect method of reaching potential customers in a specific area and gives maximum exposure of your brand. EDDM is easier than Direct Mail since it does not require a purchased mailing list and the time required is not as time consuming.


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