5 August Marketing Campaigns Ideas


August 9th

⁠Do you love books? Well there's a national day for you lovers! If your business is a library, tutoring center, or you're an author; you're going to want to run a special for all the book lovers on this day!⁠.


August 15th⁠

We all need a relaxing day! Make sure you set aside time on August 15th! Spas, travel agencies, and even nail salons should take advantage of this day to spread the different ways people can relax.


August 17th

⁠We love non profits! Even if you're not a non profit, this day can be celebrated by you by donating to one or running a campaign that supports one!


August 26th

⁠Best day of the year! Mark your calendars because it's dog time. Make sure to remind people how much they love their dogs by bringing them to a groomer or giving them the care they need that is provided by veterinaries or if you're a shelter why they should have one! ⁠If you’re a dog friendly establishment, remind people to bring their dogs in!


August 28th

⁠Red, red wineeeee Perfect day to visit your local winery if you asked us! South Jersey is filled with amazing ones!⁠ Restaurants can also do specials for their red wine lovers.

Kelly GipsonComment