5 Social Media Marketing Tips For Success!⁠

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  1. Create a plan for each platform⁠

    Implementing a marketing strategy for social media is important because you should know what social media platforms are going to reach your target audience and how. There should be tweaked plans for each platform because they are different! Some popular social media platforms include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We recommend sticking to under 3 platforms if you are a small business so that your strategy doesn't get compromised.⁠

  2. Post consistently with a routine posting schedule⁠

    Don't let your audience forget about you! Be a constant reminder on social media. Having a routine posting schedule will make your life easier and will ensure your name is always in front of your audience. Another tip is to make sure that you're staying branded with your posts. Everyone recognizes TwoTwo by our color palette and logo incorporated in our posts.⁠

  3. Measure & analyze the results⁠

    If you're not measuring, how do you know what's working?! If the tools to measure and analyze your results for what you have been doing is there, then use it! Track your impressions, reaches, clicks, engagement, and more. This will help you discover how your strategy should be adjusted.⁠

  4. Interact, be social⁠

    Don't be a ghost account! Okay so you're posting consistently, but if you're not interacting with your audience then you might as well be a robot. Make sure to reply to your audience, like and share their posts, and even mention them in yours! It shouldn't always be all about you!⁠

  5. Use #hashtags to expand organically⁠

    Hashtags are great for organically expanding your profile to an audience who is interested in what you have to offer. Get more impressions by using hashtags that relate to your post. Make sure to NOT use hashtags on your post that don't make sense.⁠