"Hoppy" almost Easter!

Easter is only a hop, skip, and a jump away!

Here Are Some Ways To Market For This Holiday

We are officially in the month of Easter. It is very important to take advantage and make the most of holidays to boost sales. How are you going to implement this holiday into your marketing technique and promotional ideas? Keep reading for 3 ideas how.


1. Direct-mail Postcards

You may want to drive traffic to your website or to your door by using direct-mail postcards this Easter. They continue to be the most powerful and cost-effective way to drive traffic. Here are the basic steps:

  • Determine who your target market is and what they are looking for.

  • Run your themed promotion that is time sensitive to entice impulsive buyers.

  • Design a postcard with a powerful headline that relates to Easter and have a call to action for your special offer.

2. Banners, Posters and Flyers

If your target audience essentially consists of local customers; banners, posters and flyers are the way to go! All of these items are simple to distribute. Here are some tips:

Check out this flyer we made at TwoTwo Creative for Chick-fil-A’s Easter event!  Click the photo  to order flyers.

Check out this flyer we made at TwoTwo Creative for Chick-fil-A’s Easter event! Click the photo to order flyers.

  • Start by determining what your message is for your customers to do after they see your banner, poster or flyer. Then develop a “memory hook” that relates to Easter so it sticks in their minds.

  • Easter is perfect for incorporating vivid colors, contrasts, or unique and attention-getting images for your design to get noticed.

  • Large fonts and good use of white space make your message easier to comprehend so customers are able to read, understand, and know what to do with just a passing glance.

  • Strategically place your banners, posters and flyers in areas your target customer base is likely to see them.

3. Host an Event

Finally, you can launch a themed event to encourage sales, create customer engagement, and drive traffic this Easter.

  • Have your product be relatable to Easter whether you buy specific products for the event or use what you already have! For example, you can have Easter bunnies and eggs on new products or if you wish to use what you already have you can incorporate these products by putting your t-shirt with your logo on a stuffed bunny or your coupons in plastic Easter eggs.

  • You want to link your event to social media by encouraging attendees to take pictures possibly with a prop and using a #hashtag specific to the event to win a contest via online.

  • There should be prizes and they should have real value. Make sure the prizes you have at your event are advertising your company and driving traffic to purchase such as having discounted items.