Trade Shows: Engagement

How To Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out With Engagement

Know How To Attract People To Your Booth

Think outside the box. Don’t be boring! Attract people to your booth with a contest or game such as a spin wheel. Games are eye catchers and fun for everyone. Here are some game ideas:

  • Spin Wheel

    • A variety of prizes can be won on a spin wheel.

  • Counting Games

    • Estimating how much of something is in a jar.

  • Dice Games

    • Rolling doubles earns you a prize.

  • Matching Games

    • Offer a sticker to wear. This sticker would be printed with a number or symbol and two of every variation of stickers would match. The attendees would need to find their match at the show and come back together to your exhibit to win a prize.

Everyone loves interaction so let’s give it to them and let them leave with your branded promo products. This fun addition to your booth will create a positive and memorable experience!

➡️Draw them in.

➡️Engage with them to grab their attention.

➡️Let them leave feeling like a winner!

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