Ways To Market St. Patrick's Day

Every year, millions of people like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day – Irish or not. It’s a great holiday to promote your businesses, move old inventory, or meet new people. Here are some ways to incorporate St. Patrick’s Day into your marketing strategy. 

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The Color of Green

In your advertisements or promotions, use the theme of green! Use green backgrounds, font colors, and clovers. Handout green shirts, pens, business cards at a St. Patty’s Day party or event. If you work in a restaurant or bar, adding green food coloring to drinks for a fun, festive time is always a crowd pleaser. 


The Luck of the Irish

Think Lucky Charms. Your marketing strategies can consist of leprechauns, rainbows, horseshoes, Lucky 7’s, and pots of gold. One great way to interreact with your clients is to give out Lottery Tickets! Promote fundraisers, basket auctions, or games! People love to win free stuff, therefore give them a chance to test their luck to see if they can win them!


History of St. Patrick’s Day

Do you know why we celebrate St. Patty’s Day?It is a national holiday in Ireland when people do not work but worship and gather with family. March 17th marks the date of when the patron saint of Ireland has passed. He used the three-leaf clover to explain the holy trinity to the citizens of Ireland. In the late 1700’s, the first St. Patrick’s Day was held in New York City and has stuck ever since. Use the history of St. Patrick’s Day and post trivia questions on social media for engagement and traffic.


Going Green --

Eco-Friendly Products

For the month of March, think Green… but not the color. Use recycled paper or eco-friendly products to promote your business. Notebook, bags, water bottles are great giveaways! It’s a spin on using the green theme! 

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