Marketing Monday - Valentine's Day

We’re about half way through February now, so we’ve decided on a new blog format for the new year. On Marketing Monday, we’ll talk about new marketing ideas and various ways of how to implement them.

This week we’re talking about Valentines Day. Marketing for Valentines Day has always been a staple for businesses during this month. There’s a variety of popular ways of executing this, but the one that seems the most practical, at least to us, is to treat it like a thank you campaign.

The Who:

The audience would be your existing clients. The goal would be to show appreciation for them by means of a thank you campaign dressed up in red and pink.

The How:

In terms of tangible items, you can send out a postcard to clients who’ve helped support you that you have a good relationship with. Be sincere. Target people who you genuinely want to thank for supporting your business. The more genuine you can make it seem, the better. Hand written post cards go a long way. Throw a $1 Scratch Off Ticket in the envelope or similar to make it memorable. Else, if the budget is smaller, and time is limited, any effort is preferred over none at all. Options like sending out via Direct Mail help save time and postage.

As for aesthetics, the language, and overall look should be akin to something like an Elementary School Valentine you would exchange in class. Try not to portray it weird or inappropriately. The goal here is to let your clients know that you appreciate their support in the end, not hit on them.

At your location, try to hand out something to your clients as they come in. Over the last couple weeks, we’ve been handing out customers who were picking up their orders, a box of Girl Scout Cookies of their choice and took a picture with them for our Instagram as they happily held their order and their cookies.

On the digital front, themed graphics and promos are the key. Red and pink should be the common visual anchors across all of your internet fronts. Email banners and social media graphics should all have red, pink, and cursive in them. If you’re posting product photos, an easy Valentine’s Day themed filter wouldn’t hurt, but don’t make it the focus of your post. Canva and Adobe Spark are great for making these.

In terms of promos, every business is different. Its a thank you campaign so for example, offering a percentage off their next order would help bring in a recurring customer who’ve supported you before. Try not so much to target new clients with this one.

Check back in a couple of weeks for more on how we decided to implement our We Love Our Customers Valentine’s Day themed Thank You Campaign.

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