Business Card Tips


In an inevitable paperless world… the business card stands to be timeless.

Here are 5 Tips to make sure your business card is effective and rememberable:

  1. Use Special Finishes: Special finishes include the likes of foil blocking, spot-UV and metallic inks, and can add significant cost to your print. What they offer, however, is the opportunity to make your card more tactile, visually impressive and memorable. 

  2. Cut into your Card: The rectangle is clean and classic. But is it cool? Round up those edges and give your card different look, a new perspective on life.

  3. Use Basic Design Principles: Many designers also find that it helps to use a grid to lay out their cards, as this can help you to achieve the right hierarchy of information.

  4. Make It Multipurpose: A business card can be much more than a piece of paper that has your name or business. The possibilities are endless. If you’re an architect or engineer, you can design your card to have a roller on one side. If you own a restaurant, you can have guest redeem your business card for a free appetizer!

  5. Use Different Types of Stock: There are so many different types of paper stock you can choose from to make your card special. But remember, you get what you pay for. Some stocks are more expensive than others but they will stand out in the crowd. Choose from matte, linen, recycled, uncoated, glossy, and even velvet.

Be creative about your business card. Present it in a fashion that demonstrates, represents, and reflects your brand. It’s the little things in life that stand true!

Felicia LamplughComment