The 40/40/20 Rule

 Miami, USA - January 18, 2013: United States Post Office mail truck (USPS) speeding in Miami, Florida - motion blur panning.

In the digital world, some could say that Direct Mail Marketing is no longer an effective strategy. However, we are here to debunk that theory. Direct Mailers are still a great method to attract potential customers and clients. They help to target a niche audience, provide detail information about what you are offering, and can easily track your response rates. In order to use Direct Mailers to their full, effective ability, Ed Mayer developed the 40/40/20 Rule. This is where 40% of your success will come from how effective your mailing list is, 40% will depend on how compelling your offer is, and 20% will come from everything else.

40% - Mailing List (Audience)
Having a highly targeted audience is crucial to direct marketing. You should send Direct Mailers to people who are more than like purchase products from your business. Direct Mailers can get expensive, so it would be ideal to send it to the right people for the best bang for your buck. They way to do that is to have an effective mailing list. Sit down one day, review your records and create the best mailing list for your ROI.

40% - Offer
Offering value-added incentives, especially on a limited-time basis, can result in high sales conversions. When planning your promotion, try to approach your bonus or sale from your customers' perspectives. If you really want to attract droves of new and repeat business, you'll have to give them something so good that they truly won't want to miss it.

20% - Everything Else
The last 20% can cover anything from the price of the postage, the design on the mailer, and what type of mailer you want to send. Great design that serves as an extension of the offer and connects with the audience can reinforce the persuasive power of any direct-mail marketing effort. You must also decide if your message is best delivered through a post card, brochure, flyer, etc. This is the fun and creative portion. Play around with different colors, layouts, and fonts.

Following the 40/40/20 Rule will help facilitate your direct mailing process. But always remember. 80% of this process is in association with your audience. Make sure that your focus is on them.

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