The Marketing Space to Me


Here at TwoTwo Creative, we focus on marketing companies through the print and graphic design channels. I'm not saying we're perfect, but we're pretty good at the products and services that incorporate those two things. I personally have been in the marketing space since I was 16.  Its changed since 2011. To me, it seems like you can't say the word "Marketing" without "Social Media" in front of it in within industry conversation. The digital aspect of marketing is on the rise without a doubt. So while we're still doing what we do best here at TwoTwo Creative, which is graphic design and print marketing, I've been filling my mind with digital marketing knowledge in preparation to our soon to be launched "Social Media Toolkits". I've sat down with the team, gone over what we are and are not capable of on the digital marketing front, future goals, etc. Just today I attended a workshop on the do's and don'ts of marketing your company and your personal brand on Instagram. I've gone over the unspoken rules of which social media platforms are for what purpose. Its crazy. Its it own animal of a sales funnel and an influencer. It sways perspective and viewpoint and opinion of an individual, a brand, or a company. That being said, those last two sentences can be said about the print marketing world as well. Just like email blasts didn't replace physical marketing mail campaigns, I don't think a person's LinkedIn page will replace their need for a business card. If anything that person's business card will help direct that prospect to his/her social media page of choice. I guess this post has kind of been a babble of sorts of just what was on my mind. Figured I'd get a blog out there for those who read this since I have't posted one in almost a month. For those who do read this and have made it this far into this post, Thank you!