Maintaining a Clean Workspace


A clean work space shows that its inhabitants are a professional, well maintained, and capable group. It can be tedious to maintain a clean overall working environment, especially when the hustle and grind of the weekly work ritual is at the forefront of your staffs mind, and cleaning is all the way in the back. Easy to follow daily work space rules can prevent mess and clutter from forming by the end of the week in the first place. 

Designate places, drawers, cabinets, or other hidden away areas to keep production tools needed to complete jobs. Only take out the tools needed to complete the job. Most importantly, put the tools back as soon as the job is completed. This insures that tools don't get lost, only tools for the job at hand are an arms reach away, and tools aren't left in the work zone to be seen and confused for clutter. A simple concept, and when put into daily practice, this can be a good habit for team members to pick up in general.

File things, and take whatever isn't relevant off your desk. Vendor invoices, receipts, mail (especially junk), left over McDonald's BBQ sauce packets from last Tuesday's lunch. Desk clutter is the worst. Invest in accordion folders, paper organizers, even an old mug or pint glass to hold your pens. Are you usually out and about during your work day and don't spend much time at your desk? The more you should keep it clean. Your team members don't like looking over to your part of the office and seeing the flat desk top equivalent to a paper recycling bin. Do a weekly comb over of your desk and toss what you don't need, and file what you do, put reminders in your calendars for invites, give invoices to your accounting team, throw away junk mail. 

Its amazing how far a simple sweeping and wiping down of tables can go. Before closing for the weekend, a few swipes of a paper towel, and sweeps of a broom, guarantee that the store was swept and wiped down a maximum of a week ago. Don't forget to take out the trash.

The most important part of keeping a clean work space, is trying to keep it clean. It goes without saying that one shouldn't try to make a mess, or try to be a slob. What calls for a reminder is, like having a roommate, everyone has different standards and preferences for being clean. Try to set an example by being as tidy as can be to avoid conflict down the road and having a clean office will be a simple by product of maintaining good coworker relations.