Content is Key


At the end of of the day, people don't care about your company's accolades, prestigious history, super well executed branding, or slick and efficient team. Well, they do. Its just that they care about what you can do for them more than those things. Prospects are mostly interested in how you can solve a current problem they have and how you can fulfill a need that they have.

Communicating what your company does and its capabilities is always our top priority when designing and laying out a company's marketing tools. You only have a small window of time to grab a reader's attention when they come across your Facebook page, or pick up your brochure. They care about their problems over how pretty your logo is.

Whether its business cards, rack cards, banners, or a social media post. There has to be some blurb, short or long, about what that company does. Aesthetics, execution, finish, and quality are obviously still important, and maybe I was a bit aggressive in saying that people didn't care about those things in the beginning of this post, but we maintain that good old relavant, communicative content is Priority #1.